The SBRA publishes a Map of the Register of Measures and Incentives for Regional Development

The Agency for Business Registers of the Republic of Serbia announced to have published a Map of the Register of Measures and Incentives for Regional Development, presenting sets of semiannual information for 2020 on state investments, economic development, and economic potentials.

The Map was published within the Register of Measures and Incentives for Regional Development (“RMPRR”), kept with the APR. In addition to the data from RMPRR, the Map also presents consolidated information from other APR kept registers, as well as information, which is taken by APR from other state bodies and organizations. The information is presented in tabular and graphical form at the level of the republic, regions, districts, and municipalities for the current (01 January 2020 – 30 June 2020) and preceding three years.

The consolidated information on the Map is categorized into basic data (area, population, average earnings, GDP, number of employed and unemployed), indicators of the structure of the economy and non-profit sector (number of entities, newly established, closed, etc.) and their financial performances (business results), indicators of indebtedness of the economy and non-profit sector (financial leasing and pledges), indicators of illiquidity of the economy and non-profit sector and, finally, data on overall regional development incentives (categorized by purpose, type of beneficiaries/recipients, implementing authorities, type of financial incentives and level of territorial allocations as well as other sources of financing).

According to the APR’s announcement, the information, presented on the Map, shall be a particularly useful source of information for potential investors in the Republic of Serbia, who are, prior to investing in a particular location/territory, interested in obtaining and reviewing both the characteristics of the achieved level of economic development and the potentials for the development of the selected territory, starting from the size of the territory, the number of inhabitants, the qualifications of the unemployed, as well as other elements of the development of the territory.

All published data are available to users on the Map free of charge, and by the corresponding searching, the data is available in the form of sets for all four territorial levels (republic, regions, districts, and municipalities).

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