Customs and Transport Law

We have broad experience in application of customs law and representation of clients and international companies in diverse procedures.
Customs law
Senior Associate

Being a member of the European Customs Counsel Network (ECCN), an association of European lawyers with remarkable expertise in European customs law practice, we are in a position to examine and solve problems of our clients from the broader perspective with respect to:

  • the organization, competence, and functioning of customs authorities
  • interpretation of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), Bilateral free trade agreements with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and the European Free Trade Association (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein)
  • Implementation of customs regulations by customs authorities and customs agents
  • Representation of clients in customs procedures
  • Administrative, misdemeanor, and judicial procedures related to customs matters
  • Mediation services related to the application of customs procedures (recommenda­tion of reliable customs agent)


Confidential Clientrepresentation in post-clearance audit procedures, procedures before the Ministry of finance, administrative and misdemeanor court procedures regarding the determination of (non) the preferential origin of goods (value 3, 5 million euros)

Halliburtonrepresentation in post-clearance audit procedures for application of tariff code number of chemical goods

Normarepresentation in misdemeanor procedure regarding the application of Decision on the reduction of customs rates for certain goods, i.e., for exemption of certain goods from payment of customs fees (goods for the automotive industry)

Moto-plastrepresentation in regular, post-clearance audit procedures, procedures before the Ministry of Finance, administrative and misdemeanor court procedure regarding the application of custom numbers (goods sampling – plastic goods)

Knauf – representation in misdemeanor procedures

Danfoss – advising the client regarding various customs procedures.


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