Online app, e-desk or ‘my address’ – New Cadaster Registry Online Features Available

Read about Serbian Republic Geodetic Authority’s various new online features and services, and how to use them best, in an article prepared by our Senior Associate Marija Vukčević.

As a result of the great effort put in implementing the principle of development of electronic services, we now have the „Cadaster Alarm“ online app, the E-desk online service for citizens, and „My address“ online services, all recently added and now available for both professional users and citizens.

Serbian Republic Geodetic Authority has recently added various new online features and services available both for professional users and citizens, in its overall efforts to implement the principle of development of electronic services.

The „Cadaster Alarm“ online app – this service is available for both natural and legal persons. The idea of this app is to alarm the property owner or other person with relevant legal interest on any change with regard to inscribed data related to the property in real-time. E.g. if the request for annotation of an existing dispute regarding the property is submitted, the owner–user of the app shall be „alarmed“ through the app in real-time. This service should be provided free of charge.

The only catch is – it is necessary to obtain an electronic signature (i.e. electronic certificate) in order to apply and register as the user of this app.

More details on the app are available at the official Republic Geodetic Authority website, and terms of use are stated in the request for the opening of a user account – also available at the Republic Geodetic Authority webpage.

The e-desk online service for citizens – even though e-requests (e.g. for issuance of cadaster excerpts) can be provided only to professional users – lawyers or licensed geodetic organizations, the e-desk for citizens online features are user friendly and provide clear input on available options – e.g. citizens can easily check the list of available professional users who may provide services related to e-requests, or decide to submit the request personally in which case they can e-schedule a desk appointment and avoid waiting in the line. This online service includes other helpful features such as an e-notice board for online tracking of resolutions rendered by the competent Cadaster Registry Offices, or e-tracking of the status of submitted requests, online support feature, possibility to submit e-complaints, and similar.

„My address“ online service – the newest online service of the Republic Geodetic Authority should enable automatic issuance of notice on house number through web app. Registration of user account should be rather simple (similar to any online service such as e.g. opening a google account).

As published in the user manual for this app, the notice on house number generated through the „my address“ app should be valid as evidence of house number for all procedures before the competent public bodies and public companies.

The app provides a two-way feature – the user may (i) use the address to determine an accurate number of the cadastral plot on which the property is located, or (ii) use the cadastral plot number to determine an accurate house number.

More information on this app is also available on the Republic Geodetic Authority webpage and published user manual.

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