Electronic Register of Healthcare Institutions

Serbian Business Registers Agency has established, the Register of healthcare institutions - an electronic, central, public database on registered healthcare institutions that perform healthcare activities.

Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) has established on 12 October 2020, the Register of healthcare institutions – electronic, central, public database on registered healthcare institutions that perform healthcare activities on the basis of a decree of a healthcare or pharmaceutical inspector on the fulfillment of the prescribed conditions for performing healthcare activity, which was assigned to its jurisdiction by the Law on Healthcare (“Official Gazette of the RS”, no. 25/2019).

Until now, the evidence of healthcare institutions was held within the commercial courts and it was not in electronic form, while only entrepreneurs founders of private practices have been registered with the SBRA.

In the future, healthcare institutions will also be registered in the electronic register and evidence of SBRA as per the procedure that lasts for a maximum of five working days and ensures the transparency of this procedure as well as the publicity of data. As the complete archive material on the existing healthcare institutions has been taken over from the competent commercial courts, the case files can now be inspected within the archives of the SBRA, and copies of documents may also be issued.

All existing public and private healthcare institutions that were registered within the competent commercial courts are obliged to submit to the SBRA a registration application for registration of harmonization along with the relevant documentation within three months, all in line with the Law on Healthcare (“Official Gazette of the RS”, no. 25/2019) and the Rulebook on the Contents of the Register of Healthcare Institutions and Documentation Required for Registration (“Official Gazette of the RS”, no. 80/2019).

SBRA shall carry out the harmonization procedure in the next three months free of charge, and from 11 January 2021, the applicants will have to submit, along with the registration application, the evidence on the payment of the registration fee amounting to RSD 4,900.

Upon completion of the harmonization procedure, SBRA will keep a single record of entities in healthcare, which will consist of consolidated data on healthcare institutions and private practices in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Thus, data on all providers of healthcare services in public and private ownership will be consolidated in one place, which all interested citizens will be able to inspect through the website of the SBRA.

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